Why Would I Hire a Nanny?

Why would you hire a Nanny over sending my child to daycare?


Nanny care is not for everyone and many families will decide that they would rather budget for some sort of day care. But if you are on the fence, trying to decide if a Nanny is the right fit for your family or not, let’s talk about the benefits.

Personalized care and support

Wherever you send your children they will be loved, but nanny care is truly personalized to your family. Your nanny will spend one-on-one time with your child(ren) and will have time to teach them extra things like signs, nap schedules can be kept consistent, going to appointments can be simple and easy with your nanny doing the driving. Your nanny is flexible. We all know that some days we wake up and we are off. It happens with adults and kiddos. Your nanny will be there regardless to provide loving care to your little ones while you are still able to work and go about your day.

If your little ones are sick, your nanny will be there and you do not have to worry about missing work.

Often families will hire part-time nannies if they have one parent with a somewhat flexible or work from home half the time schedule. You can set a predictable, permanent schedule a head of time that will allow you to have care the days and times that you need. Often times, day care will require full or half days or hours that do not work for your family’s schedule.

Plenty of outside or special activities time

My favorite aspect of being a nanny was having the ability to go on special field trips to parks, museums, and outdoor activities with the children I was caring for. With large groups that is not always possible.

An extra set of hands for you

Your nanny will become a part of your family. They will not only care for your children, but they will also help with children clean up, cooking and additional household chores that will take the pressure off of you! We all know how amazing it would be to have a second adult helping around that house- that’s exactly what your nanny will be like for you!

Educational benefits

The educational benefits for your children are endless. Your nanny can work on sign language, reading, phonics, and additional subjects that are important for your children to be exposed to throughout their early, influential years.

Peace of mind

Consistency with your child’s care and what you can expect each day brings peace of mind to all parents who work with nannies for their childcare.

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